Insight Into The Supporters Behind Our Design Blog – April


I thought it would be a good idea to take out some time to thank our sponsors for helping support Design Chair throughout April, their support is immensely appreciated.

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Do You Enjoy Awesome Design Tutorials ? Join Us On Facebook

  Communicating and sharing high quality design resources with our readers over at Design Chair is high in our list of priorities. We thought it would only be right to create a second home for […]

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Introducing Design Blog Design Chair and New Redesign

Design Chair has been running for a through months now and its only right that we match good content with a good design, therefore we have decide to give Design Chair A make over by […]

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A Sneak Peak At The New Photoshop CS5

The new Photoshop CS5 is scheduled to come out next year in 2010 and like most designers I can’t wait until it comes out. The new Photoshop looks very promising with a range of new […]

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Thanks To Our Sponsors And Readers For Their Support

A post dedicated to our sponsors and readers for their support with our blog Design Chair. Since we launched our blog section for Design Chair we keep getting great positive feedback from our readers so […]

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New Design Blog Launch Design Chair The Blog

Welcome folks to the launch of Design Chair The blog, we have been playing around with idea of creating a blog for Design Chair now for some time.

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