Design Chair has been running for a through months now and its only right that we match good content with a good design, therefore we have decide to give Design Chair A make over by applying some tweaks here and there to our old design to make a more fresh appealing design for our users.

If this is your first time coming across Design Chair it’s the perfect website for designers offering daily Photoshop and illustrator tutorials also high quality design resources such as brushes and vectors.

Old Redesign

This is just a short refresh to remind you of what Design Chair use to look like before we undertook a redesign of the site.


The New Design Chair

This is what the new Design Chair currently looks like.


1. Logo

The logo on the first Design Chair was floating about 300px below the top corner, we decided to place the logo on the top left corner therefore so it’s the first image which the user will see once they visit Design Chair and try to make the logo instantly recognisable to user by applying a glow to it to make it stand out a bit more.

2. Changed 3d flags

We use to have 3d flags which where a range of different colours for each 3D flag dependent upon what category it was it would be a different colour. We now decide to keep all the colours for headers displaying categories the same colour and instead we use small icons to represent what specific category is i.e. if category is Photoshop a small Photoshop icon.

3. Background image

The background was a dark black before which after I felt didn’t quite work with the colour combination. We experimented with various types of different colours when looking for our new background and decide to go with this blue grey colour then applied some Photoshop filters to the background to make it look less generic and a bit more unique.

4. Post previews background image

Post previews background image was a bit poorly designed last time but the new preview image is a big improvement minimalistic simple look with a drop shadow under the preview image.

Looking for Design Chair sponsors

Our main focus on Design Chair isn’t to make huge amounts of money but we have a few advertising spots at cheap rates just in order to cover hosting costs which would be great to help support Design Chair to help it grow bigger and better. The advertisement spots can be brought directly from buy and sell ads.