The new Photoshop CS5 is scheduled to come out next year in 2010 and like most designers I can’t wait until it comes out. The new Photoshop looks very promising with a range of new features which adobe have implemented into the forthcoming Photoshop.

This video is Gareth Hallnzm sharing what he would like to see within the new Photoshop CS5 and also the other adobe program within the CS5 suite. Sneak peaks also of the new photoshop CS5 features and tools.

A Video By Gareth Hallnzm Sharing What He Wants To See In The New Photoshop

A Sneak Peak Of The New Features

This is a great video which showcases what new Photoshop CS5 will be capable of doing.

This video is a look at the new and improved spot healing and fill tool.

Will it live Up to the hype ?

The new photoshop deferentially does look very promising but will it live up to the hype? leave a comment to share your thoughts on the new photoshop CS5.